Why There Is an Increasing Demand for Denver, Colorado Meth Lab Cleanup

Methamphetamine, or meth, use has become common in many U.S. cities, including Denver, Colorado. Many addicts create the drug in home labs. As a result, homeowners, apartment managers and even commercial property investors are increasingly using the services of experts who provide Denver Colorado meth lab cleanup. That is because meth, will create problems that linger and affect future building occupants. Specialists like DS Environmental Consulting have the experience and tools to detect the drug’s presence and then safely remove all traces.

Meth Exposure Is a Growing Problem

Meth is an extremely addictive drug which impacts the central nervous system. It can be in in rock, powder, crystal and tablet form and is typically cooked in makeshift labs. Colorado statistics show that the state’s bureau of investigation seized about 150 labs in 2001 and over 700 by 2002, so the problem is widespread. That has not only caused a health crisis in meth addicts, but also among those who eventually move into homes that contained meth labs.

The Problems Caused in Meth’s Aftermath

Some of the byproducts produced by meth labs include flammable hydrogen chloride gas, phosphoric acid and phosphine gas. Once labs are dismantled, traces may remain on surfaces and circulate through air conditioning. Over time exposure can lead to burns and lung damage. Even low concentrations have been linked to health issues such as central nervous system, kidney and liver damage.

Professionals Offer Safe and Thorough Cleanup

Property owners who know or suspect that homes contained meth labs can arrange for expert testing and cleanup. Technicians use specially-designed gear and methods to safely remove any contaminated items and then they send them to landfills. Affected materials cannot be set out for routine garbage pickup. Professionals may replace contaminated building materials and carpeting. They also check and clean plumbing and HVAC systems. After cleaning, technicians re-test spaces and ensure that air quality meets acceptable standards for good health.

A critical drug problem has resulted in hundreds of Denver meth labs that can cause serious health problems even after they are dismantled. As a result many Denver property owners rely on professional meth lab cleanup experts to carefully decontaminate spaces and restore indoor air to healthy levels.